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Step by Step Chemistry on the TiNspire CX

Auteur: SmartSoft

Onderwerp:  Scheikunde

Tags: Chemie, Te bestellen materiaal, Wiskundig denken, Fysica, T3

Perform many Chemistry / Stoichiometry tasks Step by Step , Explore the Periodic System of Elements (PSE) , Balance Chemical Equations, Gas Laws, Limiting Reagent, Mole/Mass computations an...

Step by Step Physics on the TI-Nspire CX

Auteur: SmartSoft

Onderwerp:  Natuurkunde

Tags: Atoomfysica, Elektriciteit, Elektromagnetisme, Magnetisme, Mechanica, Fysica, Temperatuur, Snelheid

Learn how to solve Physics problems step by step in Mechanics, Kinematics, Waves, Energy, Magnetism, Electricity, Circuits, Gas Laws, Planets and more

Step by Step Calculus: Differentiation using the TI-Nspire CX CAS

Auteur: SmartSoft

Onderwerp:  Wiskunde

Tags: Analyse, Afgeleiden berekenen, Afleiden, Afgeleide

Learn how to find Derivatives Step by Step: Just enter given function and view the steps needed to arrive at answer. It Automatically finds rules such as Chain, Quotient, Product or Power R...