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Exempel | Pythagoras sats bevis

Uitgever: T³ Sverige

Auteur: Bengt Åhlander

Onderwerp:  Mathematics

Tags: Curriculum, Pythagoras, T3

Ma1 - Pythagoras sats bevis

Ringa in en cirkel

Auteur: Texas Instruments Sverige

Onderwerp:  Mathematics

Tags: Mathematical thinking, Circle, Material to order, Pythagoras, Trigonometry

Ma 3 - Aritmetik, algebra och geometri - Detta exempel täcker in flera områden i kurs 3

High ground, low ground

Auteur: David J C Elgin

Onderwerp:  Mathematics

Tags: Pythagoras, Velocity

What is the quickest route from Start to Finish across two types of ground where different speeds are possible?

Pythagoras' Theorem

Auteur: Barrie Galpin

Tags: Pythagoras

Discover, confirm, illustrate and use Pythagoras' Theorem

Cone Volumes

Auteur: Nevil Hopley

Tags: Functions, Surface area, Pythagoras, Triangle, Cones, Trigonometry, Volume

Calculate and optimise the volume of a cone using a variety of measurements. (OS 3.x)

Stacking circles

Auteur: David J C Elgin

Tags: Pythagoras

Circles are stacked. How high is the top point above the ground?

High ground low ground

Auteur: Jonathan Powell

Tags: Pythagoras, Time

Find the total time for a journey taken by a group of walkers.

Trig in a right angled triangle

Auteur: David J C Elgin

Tags: Pythagoras, Trigonometry

Trig problems in right angled triangles are solved.

CAliMERO - Computer-Algebra im Mathematikunterricht. Band 9: Arbeitsmaterialien für Schülerinnen und Schüler

Auteur: T³ Deutschland

Onderwerp:  Mathematics

Tags: Mathematical thinking, Circle, Pythagoras, Trigonometry

Die Materialien entstanden im Rahmen eines Schulversuches des Landes Niedersachsen mit dem Thema: Computer-Algebra-Systeme im Mathematikunterricht der Jahrgänge 7-10 des Gymnasiums.